Park Bo Gum 박보검 - 2020 Season's Greeting #5

I just want to share with my readers the latest video that Park Bo Gum uploaded on his official Youtube channel. I will put up the link below.

What do you think about Park Bo Gum?

Honestly, I have been a fan of him since 2017  and since then, I have been a loyal supporter. 

He is a good actor, handsome and talented. What else can you ask for from him? He is a total package and any girl would for sure want to be his friend or girlfriend.

I wish that after the pandemic, his agency blossom entertainment releases his fan meeting schedule if there is any.

I know that he is going to be busy because of a lot of pending movies such as Seobok, Wonderland, and the series Record of Youth.

I still hope though that he has time to travel around the world for a fan meet next year.

Lastly, I will cover in another blog post next week regarding a Park Bogum official Fan checklist. I hope you guys are excited about this.

I will create a checklist and yeah item has an equivalent scoring and the cumulative score will show the level of knowledge you have about Park Bogum and if you are an official fan or not. lol

I know you guys are as excited as me. till next time.


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