Reply 1988 Review and Why it is a Must Watch

 Reply 1988 is a highly acclaimed South Korean television drama series from 2015 to 2016. Set in the late 1980s, the show revolves around a group of friends and their families living in the Ssangmun-dong neighborhood of Seoul. It is the third installment in the Reply series, following Reply 1997 and Reply 1994. Here are several reasons why people should watch Reply 1988: 1. Nostalgic Setting: Reply 1988 beautifully captures the essence of the 1980s, offering viewers a nostalgic trip down memory lane. From fashion trends to retro technology, the show meticulously recreates the era, immersing viewers in a rich and detailed setting. 2. Heartwarming Story: At its core, Reply 1988 is a heartwarming coming-of-age story that explores friendship, family, and first love. The series masterfully portrays the complexities of relationships, highlighting the bonds formed between the characters as they navigate the challenges and joys of youth and adulthood. 3. Well-Developed Characters: The characte

Park Bogum Official Instagram Account and other updates - 2023

Finally, after several years of anticipation, Park Bogum has created his very own Instagram account, allowing fans to keep up with his updates through picture sharing on the platform. While it is undoubtedly enjoyable and worthwhile to follow Park Bogum fan accounts on Instagram, now is the perfect time to follow his official account. Apart from joining Instagram, Park Bogum made a significant change by switching to a new entertainment company called "The Black Label," as stated on Wikipedia. 1. Park Bogum's official Instagram handle is @bogummy , and fans can find his account at 2. The specific reasons behind Park Bogum's decision to switch to "The Black Label" entertainment company are currently unknown. It may have been a choice made for the sake of change or new opportunities in his career. 3. As for recent updates or news regarding Park Bogum's career under his new label, "The Black Label" has stated tha

When will Park Bo Gum get discharged from Military Service? - Update 2022

When will Park Bo Gum get discharged from Military Service?  I know that many of you guys have that question. and today, I am happy to write that Park Bo-Gum has been officially discharged from his Military Service. Park Bo Gum is supposed to be discharged on April 30 of this year, however, due to the recent Covid-19 outbreak, it was decided for him to be discharged early, also to add that, he has not used up his personal leave days according to the news source  As we recall, Park Bo Gum has started his mandatory Military service with the Korean Navy on August of 2020. As a fan, I am very excited about his discharge and I am looking forward to all the upcoming projects and tv series he has. I will also start rewatching his TV series. 😊

Park Bo Gum Applied to Join the Navy - 2020

June 6, 2020: I saw the news circulating around my social media last week that our beloved Park Bo Gum sent his application to join the Navy and will enlist on August 31st of this year if ever he gets accepted. This service for his country and an obligation for all Korean men to render 2 years of military service. I was curious why Korean Men need to render military service for two years and got the information below from the Q & A site,  Quora. According to this Q & A site, The mandatory military service was brought about by the Korean War. The division between North and South. Right after the war ended, Military service was for about a year, then as the years go, the military service was lessened to two years. Also, according to the post, the military service years probably would be reduced to 18 months. (This one is yet to be confirmed) I know that this time will come, but I feel that the loneliness will be a good two years for us Paek Bo Gum's loving and reliable fan

Park Bo Gum in Itaewon Class Drama

Have you seen Park Bo Gum's Cameo in the Itaewon Class series? I have not watched this series yet and just heard from friends that he appeared in the last episode.   I might binge watch Itaewon class this coming weekend with popcorn and some soda with my partner, to give you guys a detailed review of the drama.  This site is for Park Bo gum, but any news about him, mentions about him from any series or movie, will surely have a place here in my blog. This is something I am looking forward to, for Park Bo Gum to star in a television series again. Maybe a cameo has been placed in the Itaewon class drama to create some anticipation that he is indeed going to be part of Wonderland and Seobok .  To those who have actually watched the drama, what can you say about it? I dont intend to be spoiled, but I can sometimes tolerate it since Park Bo gum only appeared in the last episode of the series. It has been a while since his last drama with Song Hye Kyo titled Boyfriend. All the fans are

When will Park Bogum and Gong Yoo's Movie "Seo Bok" be shown?

I know that all the fans are excited and dying to hear about when "Seo Bok" is premiering.  We know that it was supposed to be shown last year 2019, however, due to the global situation of the pandemic, the premier has been pushed to air this year,2020.  According to  the movie will be shown during the winter of this year. Well, since we are all here and for the benefit of those Fans of Park Bogum and Gong Yoo who have not heard about the movie yet, let me inform you guys about this quickly. Seobok is a movie of a human clone who holds the key to eternal life. We are yet to find more details about the movie but of course, it is nice if we don't know that much because we are all watching the movie in theaters very soon. Hopefully, this does not get pushed back any longer and the global situation gets better so we can all enjoy watching these two actors in one screen. I'm pretty sure that seeing them both in one movie is eye candy for all. Seobok is not th

Park Bo Gum Will Host the Baeksang Arts Award

As per Soompi 's website, Park Bo Gum will be hosting the Baeksang Arts Award for three consecutive years this 2020. So, I know not everybody knows what the Baeksang Arts award is for and what is its significance to Korean Actors and Actresses. Let me discuss this further in this blog post. What is Baeksang Arts Award to begin with? As per Wikipedia, the Baeksang arts award is a ceremony done once a year to give recognition to outstanding achievements of the South Korean entertainment industry. This gives out credit to the best films, television, and theatre acts. The said event usually happens every year around April and May in Seoul, South Korea. The word Baeksang came from the Pen name of Chang Key-young, who is the founder of "Hankook libo Newspaper." What are the different recognitions given in this prestigious awards night? As mentioned above, they are giving recognition to Korean films, television, and theatre. As per Wikipedia, the a wards given to films category