Park Bo Gum in Itaewon Class Drama

Have you seen Park Bo Gum's Cameo in the Itaewon Class series? I have not watched this series yet and just heard from friends that he appeared in the last episode.  

I might binge watch Itaewon class this coming weekend with popcorn and some soda with my partner, to give you guys a detailed review of the drama. 

This site is for Park Bo gum, but any news about him, mentions about him from any series or movie, will surely have a place here in my blog.

This is something I am looking forward to, for Park Bo Gum to star in a television series again. Maybe a cameo has been placed in the Itaewon class drama to create some anticipation that he is indeed going to be part of Wonderland and Seobok

To those who have actually watched the drama, what can you say about it? I dont intend to be spoiled, but I can sometimes tolerate it since Park Bo gum only appeared in the last episode of the series.

It has been a while since his last drama with Song Hye Kyo titled Boyfriend. All the fans are waiting for his next project to come on air.

I, as a fan, experienced this and a cameo, like this, gets everyone excited for what is coming next for Park Bo gum.


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