Park Bo Gum Will Host the Baeksang Arts Award

As per Soompi's website, Park Bo Gum will be hosting the Baeksang Arts Award for three consecutive years this 2020.

So, I know not everybody knows what the Baeksang Arts award is for and what is its significance to Korean Actors and Actresses.

Let me discuss this further in this blog post.

What is Baeksang Arts Award to begin with?

As per Wikipedia, the Baeksang arts award is a ceremony done once a year to give recognition to outstanding achievements of the South Korean entertainment industry. This gives out credit to the best films, television, and theatre acts. The said event usually happens every year around April and May in Seoul, South Korea.

The word Baeksang came from the Pen name of Chang Key-young, who is the founder of "Hankook libo Newspaper."

What are the different recognitions given in this prestigious awards night?

As mentioned above, they are giving recognition to Korean films, television, and theatre.

As per Wikipedia, the awards given to films category are

Grand Prize
Best Films
Best Director
Best Actor and Actress
Best Supporting Actor and Actress
Best New Actor and Actress
Best Screenplay, Best New Director and etc.

The Awards given to the television category follows the same awards under films. The only difference they have is that television has Most Popular Actor and Actress Awards.

There are also special awards here, but I think the most important one is the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Who will be co-hosting the event with Park Bo-gum?

Suzy Bae- who will be hosting this event for the fifth consecutive year.
Shin Dong-yup- who will be hosting the event for the sixth time already.

This makes me excited to see Bogum with Suzy. I have written in my other blog post that the two will be working together in the drama Wonderland, along with the famous Actor who played Goblin and many more hit Korean dramas, Gong Yoo.

Are you guys excited to see Bogum on stage again? He surely is an excellent host. He deserves to be here.


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