Park Bo Gum Applied to Join the Navy - 2020

June 6, 2020: I saw the news circulating around my social media last week that our beloved Park Bo Gum sent his application to join the Navy and will enlist on August 31st of this year if ever he gets accepted. This service for his country and an obligation for all Korean men to render 2 years of military service.

I was curious why Korean Men need to render military service for two years and got the information below from the Q & A site, Quora.

According to this Q & A site, The mandatory military service was brought about by the Korean War. The division between North and South. Right after the war ended, Military service was for about a year, then as the years go, the military service was lessened to two years. Also, according to the post, the military service years probably would be reduced to 18 months. (This one is yet to be confirmed)

I know that this time will come, but I feel that the loneliness will be a good two years for us Paek Bo Gum's loving and reliable fans.

Well, I know that these two years that he is away and serving his country would make him even a better person and a better citizen. For sure, Park Bogum will draw inspiration from his fans during the 2 years of service, and of course, he is going to do an excellent job as always.

I think what we can all do for now while we wait for him to be back on the mainstream, is to rewatch all his tv-series and movies that he was a part if. I actually made a list of the drama and films that Park Bogum is a part of. Park Bo Gum Drama and Movies.

Let us all rewatch his series anytime soon, but also anticipate the upcoming movie Seobok and Drama Record of Youth and Wonderland.


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