Park Bo Gum's Manila Fan Meeting

In 2019, the dream of all Park BoGum fans in the Philippines came true. Before the event, the fangirls probably were having these thoughts "This is it, He is coming over to meet me" Park Bo gum probably was having these thoughts too "I will meet my fans, greet them, and perform for them. 

I know the fans will go crazy about the news of him coming to Manila for a fan meet and I was correct. 

Everybody was prepared to shell out the money to buy the ticket to the fan meet. The ticket prices are not cheap, to be honest with you. However, you only get to see him probably once in a while. but I will be more than happy to see him every other year if he comes back to the Philippines that often. How about you?

How much were the tickets for the Park Bo Gum's Asia Tour Good Day in Manila 2019?

Park Bo Gum's ticket price was sold at PHP 9,500 for VIP, PHP 8,500 for Patron, PHP 7,500 for lower box A, and the lower box B was sold for PHP 5,500. These ticket prices are not cheap but people for sure were willing to shell out this much just to see him. (I will shell out that much. no worries.)

When was the fan meeting?

The date of the fan meeting was set first on Saturday, April 27, 2019. However, due to earthquakes, this date was further moved to June 22,2019. The fans were understanding about the postponement. It is all about the safety of the fans and of course Park Bo gum's safety.

Here comes June 22, 2019,  Everybody went to the venue as early as they could.  There was a press conference and Anne Curtis was there to host these conferences and the actual event. We know for sure that Anne Curtis-Smith is a big fangirl over Park Bogum and It was a fangirl's dream to interview her idol in any event. I was envious and happy. lol 

What happened during the fan meet?

There were many kilig moments, to be honest. I was so envious of the ladies who were asked to come o stage and act with Park BoGum. I just wished it was me. lol. But I was happy for them.

Park Bogum sang different songs danced to different Korean Idol Music and the highlight of the night was when he danced to the BTS song Boy with Luv. According to him, TaeHyung taught him the steps when they were together. I am a huge fan of BTS and hearing their music was already a delight for me and seeing Park Bogum dance to it, made my heart jumped in joy and excitement.

The video below is when he sang "Must have love"

The video below is when he danced to the song of BTS Boy with Luv and other songs.

He also sang Tagalog song titled Nasayo Na Ang Lahat by Daniel Padilla. It was fun hearing him sung in our language. 

Final Thoughts

The performance and experience were worth the money. I will be happy to see him again when he comes back to the Philippines.

How about you? Where you able to go to Park Bo gum's Manila Fan meet? If not, do you plan to go next time? Let me know your thoughts below.


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