Record of Youth - Park Bo Gum, Park So Dam and Byun Woo Seok Drama

The television channel tVN confirmed an upcoming drama " Record of Youth"  which Park Bo Gum, Park So Dam, and Byun Woo Seok will be a part of. According to TVN, they will start filming once the casting is complete.
Let us talk about the drama first.

What is the story about? Who are the characters? What do they do? We will break them down below.


The story will be about the world of young people (of course the characters), in the modeling world. They will aspire for success in becoming actors/stars with the support of their families. 


Park Bo Gum will  play as Sa Hye Joon

As per Kpopmap, Sa Hye Joon is a model turned actor who is practical and realistic. He is warm as a person but when the situation calls for it, he draws the line clearly. He is doing well as a model, but when he became an actor, he encounters a lot of issues. Time, showing up to commitments.

Park So Dam will play Ahn Jungha

As per the same source. she is a makeup artist by profession.  She lives her life positively and a warm person in the inside.  She knows a lot of people (something I would expect from a makeup artist) but easily feels lonely at times. She pretends to be strong all the time and finds redemption by fan grilling over idols.

Byeon  WooSeok will play as Won HaeHyo

Won HaeHyo comes from a rich family but still feels something is lacking. 

My thoughts

Interesting and I am looking forward to watching this drama as a matter of fact. I am excited nut unfortunate;y I don't have any news if they have started filming or are they done filming. or has the air date(which we don't know yet) will be pushed back even at a later time due to the worldwide crisis (COVID-19 pandemic)

Are you excited to see this drama?

Let me know your thoughts below.

Follow my blog. Till next time.


  1. So excited to watch the new drama 😊😊😊

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