When will Park Bo Gum get discharged from Military Service? - Update 2022

When will Park Bo Gum get discharged from Military Service?  I know that many of you guys have that question. and today, I am happy to write that Park Bo-Gum has been officially discharged from his Military Service.

Park Bo Gum is supposed to be discharged on April 30 of this year, however, due to the recent Covid-19 outbreak, it was decided for him to be discharged early, also to add that, he has not used up his personal leave days according to the news source Pinkvilla.com 

As we recall, Park Bo Gum has started his mandatory Military service with the Korean Navy on August of 2020.

As a fan, I am very excited about his discharge and I am looking forward to all the upcoming projects and tv series he has.

I will also start rewatching his TV series. 😊


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