Park Bogum Official Instagram Account and other updates - 2023

Finally, after several years of anticipation, Park Bogum has created his very own Instagram account, allowing fans to keep up with his updates through picture sharing on the platform.

While it is undoubtedly enjoyable and worthwhile to follow Park Bogum fan accounts on Instagram, now is the perfect time to follow his official account.

Apart from joining Instagram, Park Bogum made a significant change by switching to a new entertainment company called "The Black Label," as stated on Wikipedia.

1. Park Bogum's official Instagram handle is @bogummy, and fans can find his account at

2. The specific reasons behind Park Bogum's decision to switch to "The Black Label" entertainment company are currently unknown. It may have been a choice made for the sake of change or new opportunities in his career.

3. As for recent updates or news regarding Park Bogum's career under his new label, "The Black Label" has stated that they have an extensive range of projects lined up for him, both domestically and internationally. This suggests that Park Bogum's fans can look forward to seeing him in various exciting ventures in the future.


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